I Need a Little Help With School, and Staying Far From Depression.?

Question by That Guy: I need a little help with school, and staying far from depression.?
I know, you’re probably thinking “shut up man you don’t know the definition of depression,” and I’m not even sure of depression anymore, as in I’m not sure if I’ve ever suffered from depression, or if I’m just a cry baby depressed wannabe… anyways, I’m intensely behind in all my subjects, and my stupid ass teacher is going to mention it to me as if though im too stupid to look at a schedule. I feel like giving up, even though it’s just work. I feel like one of the dumbest people there, I’m some what ugly, and I can’t keep up with normal work paces… no I’m not mentally retarded. I’m the kind of guy who can’t get a B in a class, or assignment, which makes it hard to move quickly, but everyone else does it in half the time I do. I feel like crying, or switching schools, which I don’t want to do either of those because I can’t or it won’t make a difference. No one can help me, and I know I’m suicidal because I think about it allot. Be quiet on that, I don’t need to hear what I already know. I pretty much hate my life over all. It’s dominated by my failures in school. I’m not sad because I can’t socialize with sex crazed drug addicts, no, I’m sad because my greatest enjoyment (learining) is polluted by school, crap teachers, peer pressures, and the bus ride of sex jokes… everyday, all day, that’s all I hear… sex. I know more than my mom does on that subject. Plus, as I mentioned before, I feel really stupid. My friend B’jorn could graduate this year from college… COLLEGE! He’s the same age as I am and everything, but I’m too stupid to match him! I’m like a painting at school, people think I’m smarter than they are, but I’m not, I’m crumbling on the inside and I can’t take it! I suck at everything! I basically feel like a stupid, ugly failure. If I could somehow simply just catch up on work, I can then turn my attention to my face, but how! I’m stuck on 3 out of 4 subjects, I’m behind by 35 things total, how am I going to accomplish catching up? Any plans? I could really use some help, I mean, I’m talking about my problems on the internet! I’m down to my last resorts, that is my status, please help me!

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Answer by Armada
All I can say is I’m nearly 21, left school in 3rd year, well chucked out. No qualifications, no job and I search all the time, bored everyday, ( computers and sitting in the house gets depressing eventually ) old friends that stuck in at school going on holidays, driving, working not bored, earning a decent wage, making something of there self. I got a criminal record aged 16-19 that stops me getting in the countries I’ve always wanted to go to. No girlfriend for nearly 4 years and I used to get really nice ones! Point is make the same mistakes or even choices I did and you’ll regret it so much and no one will be interested in you. Criminal record part doesn’t stop you getting a partner having no money does but criminal record stops you getting to the places you want to go. Having no qualifications will stop you getting nearly every job, you need a job to get a car, sanity, a house, girls to be interested. I know you never said you get in trouble but even if it entered you’re head don’t do it, and believe me I’ve seen ugly guys with gorgeous girlfriends because they know they’ll have a safe life with them. Nothing to do with looks. If I could go back to school I’d complete my exams, and be a whole new level of confident to talk to the teachers and have more a laugh with them. I got chucked out a lot when I would try and do maths English etc when I got stuck it annoyed me so much the teacher would come to me and talk to me like I was stupid, that’s where I made my mistakes, I used to flip out shout at them and swear and walk out, the main problem was, I never waited behind when everyone left and spoke to my teacher about it and told them I was finding it difficult to study it gave me a sore head and stuff, instead I was a baby and walked out all the time when I should’ve sat down and just spoke to them and now I know they would’ve understood me, it’s there job to understand you. They would never laugh at you. They are there to help. Plus every school has “pupil support” one on one teaching, you should ask to go there for the classes you find hard, I went sometimes and found it way easier, they help the best. I wish I could go back, I wasn’t stupid i was going for good grades then I mucked it up cos I left all the time. Don’t do the same as me. If it didn’t mean anything to me ( random guy on the Internet ) I wouldn’t have just spent 20 mins writing this all out. You only need to stick in for 4-5 years then you have all the freedom in the world. I’m not a big criminal I done a few crimes and went to YOI for it twice, second time I learned that wasn’t the life I wanted, all I can do now is join the army in July. Not because I want to but because its the last opportunity I’ve got for a good career, in fact any career. You don’t want to sign you’re life away to the army, maybe good but demanding. No sly days off no phoning in sick. It’s all my own fault though, stick in. Also forget about other people, achieve what you can, maybe you are smarter you just don’t know it. One teacher always told me I was smart and I never accepted it or listened to him, now I feel like I could’ve cracked school easy if I just asked for help. By you’re teachers I mean. Also the Internet is FULL of every answer you need for school work you could catch up online. Good luck.

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