Postpartum Depression?

Question by makeyoupretty: postpartum depression?
I am 5 weeks postpartum, and had to reschedule my doctor’s appointment because I am still bleeding. My insurance will be going away soon. So I will not be able to see the doctor at all. I am certain I have postpartum depression. I am doing fine taking care of my baby but I have no desire to take care of myself. I feel disgusting, worthless, sad…….anything terrible, I am feeling. I have tried reaching out to everyone I know. They all say “seek professional help” but I do not have a way to pay for it, and I do not have transportation to go anywhere. I dont know what else to do. Please help.

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Answer by Kayleigh
I know you don’t want to hear it but you really do need medical help. You can make an appointment to see your doctor regarding this issue while you still have insurance available. Plus, I thought they always did your 6 week check-up regardless of if you’re bleeding or not – because they want to see how things are progressing by the 6 week mark. I would definitely re-book an appointment, even if just to discuss your emotional issue while the you still have coverage.

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