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Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation Centers – www.MalibuRehabs.net – Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation Centers. Call 1-866-607-4063 for immediate help. There are many different drug rehabs in the Malibu, Glendale, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Monica area. Are you interested in an outpatient program or residential drug rehab? Drug and alcohol detox centers will help you find the underlying problems that need to be solved. Professional drug rehab programs include analysis of your social situation, health and psychological screening, medical support etc. Do you struggle with a drug use or abuse problem, or are you concerned about a loved one? If you are addicted to cocaine, heroine, marijuana, meth alcohol or prescription drugs, then you need to start your rehabilitation now. Go to http


I-Team: Patients Struggle at Scientology Rehab Center

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Former patients and employees are speaking out about a Nevada drug rehab center they describe as having mold and lice – and requires patients to try to move objects with their mind. Narconon, an unlicensed rehabilitation center in Caliente, Nev., …
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Abuse of ADD and ADHD drugs rises in the teenage community

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Rehab centers say they're seeing an influx of patients addicted to the drugs. “It's huge. I have probably a hundred clients and over 80 percent of them have been addicted to Adderall since they were in grade school. It's an enormous rise from just 10 …
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