Please Help With Drug Abuse…?

Question by lola: please help with drug abuse…?
my boyfriend has been doing cocaine for the last 3 years, hes been in rehab more than 3 times already but is not really working. He stays sober for maybe 1 or 2 months, but then there he goes again.. He tells me that he wants to change but its just to hard because he gets like cravings , is there a way that he can get help or something cus hes been getting worst everytime… i dont know how to help him anymore and im really worried about him. please help!

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Answer by Jessica R
A drug Addict will only get help if he really wants to. If I were you I would not stay with him. You are putting yourself in danger by staying with him. You could also be enabling his drug habit by staying with him.

You will be better off mentally to stay away from him.

Answer by mtwaites
They need to keep him in a long term rehabilitation program, that would be able to completely detoxify him. There are several of programs around the United States, I will try and find a couple of links to post for you.

I hope that these links will be helpful. Your boyfriend needs to find a residential drug rehabilitation center. With him going back back and forth between the habit, means that he hasn’t shaken the withdrawl. Through these residential drug rehabilitation centers, they will take the patient through the withdrawl phase so that they are able to kick the habit.

This is his best bet for recovery.

Hope that this helps.

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