Natural Depression Remedies? ?

Question by BettyBoop: Natural depression remedies? ?
I have a friend that has maniac depression and sometimes his family can’t afford the medication he needs. Are there things you can do that help with that sort of thing? Anything that will help at all would be good.

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Answer by Megan A
deep breath and listen relaxed music and eat calm food in the room urself.

Answer by Rosalyn N
A really good exercise program can be very effective. I’m not talking about just going to the weight room six times a week – he needs to get involved in some structured exercise with a good workout and someone helping keep the discipline up. Martial arts, aerobic dance, tennis (lessons, not just hacking around), training for a bike race, that sort of thing.

It can also help to volunteer for a program that serves underprivileged people, like a homeless shelter or a literacy program. Sometimes people who are depressed can get their attention re-focused effectively this way. (Make sure it’s a program that has good supervision for its volunteers, giving them useful assignments and not just letting them sit around.)

Your friend also needs to make sure he is eating a good diet with no sugars, artificial sweeteners, or chemical additives as these can have a big effect on depression. Organic whole foods, freshly prepared, are best. Use good unrefined oils and get enough of them. A good nutritional therapist can do a lot for depression.

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