Please Help Me,I Don’t Know What to Do Anymore?

Question by Denzell: Please help me,I don’t know what to do anymore?
Hi I’m Denzell I’m 18 and I suffer from Anxiety.I got to the hospital most of the time and they do EKG’s,check my blood pressure,take my blood,take my urine,and do chest X-rays,and tell me that I’m okay and that my heart is normal sized,my blood is clean,my lungs are clean,and so are my artery’s,and that theres nothing wrong with me.I’ve been taking Klonopin and Zoloft.The Klonopin for 3 weeks and the Zoloft for 2 weeks,and it doesn’t really feel like its helping.Now I have chest pains,pains in my arm and hands,heavy breathing,and nausea,I throw up everyday and yesterday I threw up my bile.I just started writing in a little journal pad I have,how I feel every few hours or minutes,but I can’t figure out whats wrong.I went to the Doctor yesterdaym and they did EKG’s again,checked blood pressure,checked heart beat,listened to my breathing and told me that I’ll be okay,they took my blood too but I didn’t get the results back yet.So I take my Klonopin at 11:40 am everday and the Zoloft at 11:40 pm everynight before I go to sleep,and it feels like my Anxiety is not getting any better.I try meditation and that only works for a while.But when I wake up every morning,every thing feels unreal,like I’m still sleeping and I’ll feel like that for the whole day,and when I woke up today it felt worse.I try to cry but I can’t and I don’t want to release any anger built up inside me because people will look at me like I’m crazy.With all my emotions stuck inside me,I just feel lost and stuck in a situation I can’t get out of.I’m so confused and scared as to why this is happining.I don’t know what to do anymore,I’m thinking of one last option and it isn’t a good one,so you should know what it is anyway.It just feels like death is following and surrounding me and restraining me from getting back to my life,to me it feels like I’m slowly dyin.I don’t want to kill myself cause I know thats an automatic gateway to hell but I don’t know what else to do.I started reading the bible yesterday and everyday I ask God for forgiveness for anything that I’ve done and to take these bad feelings and thoughts out of me.I’m just scared and confused and I don’t know what to do any more,please help me.I’ll even give my email adress to those who think they could personally help me.Just please anyone,I feel like I’m losing control and going crazy.

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Answer by Joy
Sorry to hear about the state you are in, it sounds very difficult for you to live with.

People who think they are going crazy aren’t! The ones who are crazy have no idea there is anything wrong with them.

It sounds to me as if you have anxiety and depression and they often go together, these combined are driving you towards almost panic attacks when you feel you are dying. The doc must have agreed with me! He gave you an anti anxiety drug and antidepressants.

The klonopin should work right away and make you feel calmer, are you saying it does nothing for you? Maybe you have a very small dose so as not to get addicted to them? The zoloft takes a few weeks to kick in fully so hang in there until it takes effect. maybe it’s not the right antidepressant for you it’s an SSRI and there are others in that class or 2 other modes of action that may suit better. A lot of people have to try a few drugs to find the best one for them. Just don’t give up.

At 18 you have your whole life ahead of you with masses of great things to enjoy maybe you can’t see that right now, friends, partners, driving, first car, first home, first child, pets, travel, what ever you want in life is there, just go and get it, you can get a decent job or go to college or uni when you feel better and get on with your life. At 19 I got sick with depression and anxiety pus anorexia and agoraphobia but I survived a suicide attempt and I’m so so glad I did. I’d done loads of great things in my life since including kids.

Hang on in there with your meds until they work for you, get out and about and try to focus on real stuff in life so you don’t start thinking about your problems or your health.

Good luck

Answer by Jennifer Peach
Hi Denzell.

My name is Jen, and I am studying to be an Alternative Medicine practitioner. My teacher, and the person who helped me with similar problems, is Brian Sheen. Brian spent many years researching and practicing methods to get off anti-depressants and heal your own anxiety / depression through modalities such as meditation, body, and mind work.

I really think that he would be able to help you. I don’t know what your budget is or where you are located, but he offers private coaching, and we are currently launching virtual interaction so that you can meet with Brian via Skype / virtually from anywhere in the world.

I encourage you strongly to continue meditating. Even if it helps only a little bit at first, this will grow greater and greater. Here is a downloadable guided meditation from one of Brian’s CD’s for you:

If you have any questions or are interested in integrating a holistic approach while finding peace and happiness, please send me an e-mail so I can give you more information —

Here are some links that may benefit you:
The Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center website:
& Facebook:

Here is an article from Brian related to a similar client he had:

There are so many options for you and more hope than you know! These things built inside of you are beauty waiting to manifest- don’t forget that. It is this pain that will open you to immeasurable joy.

So much love your way! I hope to hear from you soon.

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