Is This PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stresws Disorder) What I Have?

Question by Nancy: Is this PTSD (post-traumatic stresws disorder) what I have?
1. When I was 5, I wondered away from home and my parents spent about 1.5h looking for me. They found me and when I got home I was spanked with a slipper by my dad and put in the corner for like 10 minutes or so
2. I always climbed on everything and fell and had to have stitches in my head. One day I sat on a glass table, it broke and my mom spanked me with a belt for it.
3. When I was in grade 1, I got into the wrong crowed and went along with a friend who stole the teachers markers. The teacher said I did it and my dad spanked me with a switch at home.
4. 3d grade I was sent into time out for miss-behaving and saw swear words written on the time out place so I foolishly recopied it, then told my dad that I wrote it on a piece of paper and threw it away. They next day the teacher saw it, called the principle and I was sent home. The minute I started to walk down the stair, I saw my dad with a belt in his hand. I sat down and started to cry and refused to go to my room, he said he will start hitting me right there then. So I went to my room, he told me to lie on the bed on my stomach and he hit me with the belt about 7-8 times, then grounded me for the rest of the day.
5. I was angry at the teacher and threatened to punch him in the face and kick him in the groin. My dad got angry and said “whatever you do to the teacher, I will do the same to you”
6. Got slapped a couple of times in the face for back-talking and wearing at my parents. One time because I did not check my planner where I wrote the homework and sent my parents running to their work place to print out my project, when, in fact it was not due for several days.
7. I was fooling around with my dad work project that he was doing for the past 2 years. He told me if I screw it up, he will spank me for it.
8. Once I did not want to eat the food my parents prepared and threatened to threw it up, they said, if you even try that stunt, you will eat what you threw up.
9. One time I did not want to practice the piano and picked up a rick from the cupboard and went to my dads room and threatened to chuck it at his head and told him he will end up in the hospital. He said”so will you, I cause I will beat up so badly”

Well, this was more then 15 years ago and I have all but forgot about it, but then I saw a friend video on facebook and she had something about child abuse on there and then these memories came back. What actually hurt me was not the spanking or slaps in the face I got, but rather the threats such as “end up in the hospital” and “”whatever you do to the teacher, I will do the same to you.” These two threats are what hurt me the most cause it is like how can anyone even consider doing this to a child. So, when I get this memory of my dad telling this to me, I get upset, really tired and feel like I just want to go to bed and sleep/
Is this PTSD?

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Answer by * Denver Broncos *
No, its called proper discipline, something society lacks today. If you really think you were “abused” then your a very weak human being

Answer by Cymbalta
Lmfao thats not abuse thats just strict discipline. You were a bad child so they tried to correct you. You absolutely do not have ptsd. People who have ptsd have gone through horrifying things that traumatized them. You, on the other hand, are fine.

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