Please Help? I Don’t Know What to Think.?

Question by Ashley: Please help? I don’t know what to think.?
I’m now 16 years old and I weigh about 127 pounds (5’6), a little less than a year ago, I weighed 163. Now, I’m restricting myself to black coffee for breakfast, no lunch, maybe an apple when I get home from school, and then whatever my family makes for dinner. But the thing is, theres plenty of people that don’t eat breakfast or lunch.. why am I the one with a “problem”. Now heres the kicker, last night I ate more then I usually do for dinner so I tried to purge, but nothing would come up.
So whereas I know what I’m doing isn’t completely right, I’m not the kind of person expected to have an “eating disorder”. I still have a lot of weight that I would need to lose to even look close to skinny. I don’t know what to tell the people that are worried about me because I really am fine, I’m just trying to lose some weight.
Help, please?

****Sometimes I can eat like a normal person, I just feel like complete shit afterwards and it usually puts me in a bad mood. But what person with an “eating disorder” can sit down and eat high fat foods? Correct, none.

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Answer by Shauna
“But what person with an “eating disorder” can sit down and eat high fat foods?” Actually, quite a few. They just feel terrible about it afterward. And try to purge if they think they ate too much.

Hon, I’m so sorry, but no, there are not plenty of people who don’t eat breakfast or lunch, unless they don’t have the money to buy it, or they are on a diet that is really bad for them. Everything you’ve said so far is actually pretty textbook food disorder, honestly.

But even if you don’t agree with that at all, there’s still something you should know: If you are only eating one meal a day, you are setting yourself up for some serious weight gain in the near future. Our bodies have a great defense mechanism called ‘starvation mode,’ in which the body assumes you are in a starvation situation. If your calories drop below a certain level for more than a short period of time, it will trigger this. The body slows its metabolism down to PREVENT losing too much weight, because it’s reacting in a way to help you survive the current ‘famine.’

It makes it harder and harder to lose weight, but worse, it will also keep this up when you start eating normal levels of calories again. So at that point, you will start gaining weight at an increased rate. And this lowered metabolism can last for a LONG time, as in months or even years, in some people.

If you simply wish to lose weight, the easier, and healthier, way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, is to lose about 1-2 pounds a week. Eat about 250 calories less than 2000 a day and exercise about 250 calories worth of exercise. It’s healthier for ya.

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