EXCLUSIVE: More Young People in Reading and Berkshire Seek Help With

EXCLUSIVE: More young people in Reading and Berkshire seek help with
But we have to be sure that when a young person presents themselves with depression or anxiety we have the best treatment for them. “Unfortunately the barriers are still there and mental illness is a very difficult thing to talk about and that is why … Read more on Reading Chronicle

Helping people achieve overall wellness
At her private practice, she offers an array of mental health services, which includes treating depression, anxiety and stress related to work or family. Truax got interested in her career because she wanted to provide people with the skills to get … Read more on Spotlight News

Anaconda launches new social-services coalition
We would be there to offer them support, hopefully, to allay the anxiety of new parents, to be there to give them valid information and to reassure them that their child is developing along developmental milestones. We want to validate the parents … Read more on Montana Standard

treatment for depression and anxiety
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