Philip Seymour Hoffman Cast as a Victim of 'disease'

Philip Seymour Hoffman cast as a victim of 'disease'
“There is no cure for addiction, which is a chronic disease, the same as diabetes, asthma and heart disease,” Janina Kean, president and CEO of High Watch Recovery Center in Connecticut, told CBS News, equating Hoffman's decision to use drugs with an … Read more on New York Post

Dumb Investment Of The Week: For-Profit Prison Industry [The Geo Group, Inc
Since you know I happily invest in tobacco companies, alcoholic beverage manufacturers, and defense contractors, you know that the private prison industry must be pretty rotten if even I won't invest in it. The industry appears to operate a …. there … Read more on Seeking Alpha

Trace Adkins Father Dies After Adkins Rushed To His Bedside
Trace Adkins' father has died … just days after Adkins hastily ditched rehab in Florida to be by his father's bedside … TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story … Trace cut short his treatment for … and Trace was able to get there in time for his … Read more on

An Injurious Predicament – Part 1/2
Made in early 2011 for a high school project. 7:38 Joe Runals? has a brain fart on camera… PART 2