Im14 and Depression Ruined My Life:/.details Inside Please Help:(?

Question by J?: im14 and depression ruined my life:/.details inside please help:(?
well what hapened, i had depression after my grandad died earlier last year in march, and it was the second time i had depression, and it was alot worse this time, i stil have it now but anyway, i lost all my friends and i stopped going to school i just started fallin out with everyone and now i have nothin at all to make me happy:/ i cut my wrists on a regular basis, and lately ive just been really missing alot of my friends, and there is the one boy, my best friend, hes stuck with me through everything, hes the only friend i have, and i love him alot but i miss all the others too:/ i just realy want my old happy life back 🙁 i cant cope anymore:/ i really need help:/

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Answer by essentiallysolo
if you really need help, then get it, and see a mental health therapist.

Answer by Scuby dooby
How could people on yahoo answers help you you need a close friend,family member or therapist to help you.

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