Paris Jackson Has Moved Into a New Treatment Facility.

Paris Jackson has moved into a new treatment facility.
The 15-year-old aspiring actress, who attempted suicide last month, left UCLA Medical Centre on Tuesday and is now staying at an undisclosed residential treatment centre, where she will continue to be supervised and undergo treatment for depression. Read more on NZ City

For severe mental health cases, a team approach
It could help allow some people with severe mental illness to disprove the stigma that surround their diagnoses: that they cannot regain that ability to lead normal lives or that they will someday have to be committed to a hospital or treatment … Read more on Minnesota Public Radio

St. Joseph's Children's Home is a nonprofit psychiatric residential treatment facility serving up to 62 youth between the ages of six to eighteen who have a variety of serious concerns. According to Lorye McLeod, Grant Writer, the grant monies will be … Read more on KGOSKERM