Online Depression Support?

online depression support
by gnuckx

Question by MamaBear: Online Depression Support?
I just want to die. I have a little boy though, so I know I won’t do anything, but I can’t stop feeling like this. I know I need help. I’m afraid to see a doctor or counsellor or even call a hotline because I know if they think it’s serious, they all have to call 911 and have me admitted to a hospital. That happens, and I lose my son…. So anyone know if there’s any sort of online support alternative? Counsellors to chat with, or…?
thanks for the offer guys, but I’m talking more online counsellors. I have friends I could talk to, but it doesn’t mean they can help.
And no, I can’t do the real life admittance and therapy and the whole 9 yards. My boy would go into his father’s custody and I’d never get anything but visitation rights. And I’d lose my job, and I’ve already got no money, nowhere to go, and student loan payments to start making next month..
alins: what?? i can’t find anything about online counselling on there…

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Answer by urguy71
sounds like you need a friend add me and you can talk to me about it i had the same probalems before

Answer by AK
If u dont mind, I look forward to chat with u. I m jus a student and I think I can help you. I have faced the same situatuion with my parents. My mother also tried but I stopped it. So if u feel talking openly, I can help u

Or U can contact SNEHA an online councelling.

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