Is “Depression” a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

Question by Cookies: Is “Depression” a good persuasive speech topic?

Best answer:

Answer by Casey
It could be.

What is your thesis? You have to prove your statement.


Depression is an illness of the CNS

Depression is overblown as a disability.

Google “depression’ and look at some other possibilities.

Answer by ?
Review your short list of persuasion ideas and narrow your choices by answering these questions:

Do you know global, national, state, community, job or school related problems and solutions, issues or controversies, related to the persuasive speech ideas?

Historical or current events, places, processes, organizations or interesting people?

Concerns, opinions, beliefs, attitudes or values?

What did you see about the persuasive speech ideas in the news or read about them in library books?

Is there a link with personal experiences, professional or personal goals?

All the answers on the questions above help you to find your angle of approach for a persuasive speech. So, select a few specific angles. Those can serve as the basic main points of your persuasive speech ideas.

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