Novel Scan May Distinguish Unipolar and Bipolar Depression

Novel Scan May Distinguish Unipolar and Bipolar Depression
A novel brain scanning method that measures cerebral blood flow may help distinguish between bipolar disorder and depression early, new research suggests. A small study of 54 adult women used a new imaging method called arterial spin labeling (ASL) to … Read more on Medscape

How irrational behaviour can lead to div…
In addition, bipolar disorder seems to be related to divorce by virtue of how long and how severe the depressive episodes are and the amount of life stress associated with a manic episode (for example: debt incurred or partner betrayed by cheating). Read more on Nigerian Tribune

Does cannabis help bipolar disorder?
Can I ask you what you know about marijuana and bipolar disorder? The Internet and doctors say it doesn't help, but they also push that you take your prescription meds heavily. It seems like I would be trading one thing for another. I'm just curious … Read more on Sacramento News & Review