No Place Like Home: Dog Rehab Services Settle in on East Street in Easthampton

No place like home: Dog rehab services settle in on East Street in Easthampton
Erika McElwey opened Change Your Range, offering rehabilitation therapy for all kinds of pets, including dogs, horses, cats, pigs, goats, rabbits and other small animals at 17 East St. She held a grand opening last month. Previously she traveled to … Read more on GazetteNET

Mother who wanted to kill herself helped craft new postpartum depression law
Therapy and medication, which she said included anti-depressants and a sleep-aid, pulled Bellenbaum out of the black hole. Once Bellenbaum was on the other side, she said she realized that many other mothers ended up frighteningly depressed, even … Read more on

Depression a factor in teen suicide; she would not have wanted bulliers
Despite her desire to raise awareness about “LGBT” (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues, she also suffered from a very dark depression, her step-mother said. The teen was on medication, had been seeing a therapist and had spent time in … Read more on Journal Times

Depressions power