How to Stop the Anorexic Rumours?

Question by : How to stop the anorexic rumours?
I’m in high school, and a large part of my class now believes I’m anorexic. I’ve always been thin, but recently lost a little weight because I have ballet rehearsals all day most days and have felt really stressed. I have a lot of digestion issues, including really fast metabolism. I feel really sick if I eat in the mornings, and it usually results in me throwing up or feeling horrible all day. This is the reason I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. My doctor said this was fine, but if I tell my classmates this, they act like it’s a part of having an eating disorder. They always try to pressure me to eat at terrible times and then say things about how much I hate food. I can’t just ignore it anymore. How can I make them believe I do not have anorexia?

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Answer by Jamie
Just say “no thank you but I already ate” and give them a confident smile. They are probably just jealous that you are thin. Worrying about what other people think of you is a big waste of time. When people stop harassing you and talking about you is when you need to worry.

Answer by allie182
Sorry they’re saying that! I’m not sure if it’s friends worried about you, or just how people are with gossip and finding something to talk about, but either way, let them know it bothers you! Maybe throw it back at them by asking if they even know the real statistics behind eating disorders? Say something like, “You shouldn’t talk lightly about that, because if I did have anorexia, it wouldn’t help,” or “People who do have anorexia aren’t trying to be skinny anyway, it’s a side effect of a deeper issue” – I know you can’t always go deep with people depending on how shallow they are lol, or if you know them, but maybe they’re genuinely concerned and just don’t know what to say? I’m sorry you’ve been feeling sick in the morning and stressed. Maybe try to see if they can help support you on that end, and lessen the talk on eating in general??

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