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Narconon-Vista Bay drug and alcohol treatment Scientology facilities – Narconon vista bay is one of the premiere fake drug and alcohol treatment centers servicing California, San Jose, San Fransisco, Santa Carla County, los angeles, orange county, san diego, sacramento, long beach, Washington State and Oregon State to name a few. We pretend to fight drug abuse with affordable (000) and reliable (6% success rate) drug rehabilitation programs at Vista Bay. All about Scientology and the totally independent Narconon drug rehab program run by Scientologists for Scientology. For more information about Narconon visit:


Modesto recovery home to hold meeting to address public's concerns

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The meeting will be an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions neighbors have, said Dane Helding, executive director of Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Treatment Institute, which also operates two residential inpatient treatment centers for men, and …
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Addiction clinic to open in Covington by summer

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“Our model has been to do mixed therapies,” Kessler said, adding that the centers “dial the treatment” according to clients' needs and requests. Pinnacle Treatment Centers offers drug and alcohol addiction help and includes counseling, drug-free and …


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