I Am Looking for Help With My Drug Abusing Drunk Husband!?

Question by Mary From Wyoming: I am looking for help with my drug abusing drunk husband!?
I asked a question the other day and I got many responses, I was surprised! now I have decided to put my husband into an alcohol treatment center in iowa. can anyone recommend one? It must not be a co-ed facility, I do not want him around other women who are drunks, that will just encourage him, so, what is a good all male alcoholism treatment center?

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Equine Therapy of Seaside Palm Beach – Seaside Palm Beach Director of Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy Deborah Mullaney talks about the benefits of EAP as part of their holistic alcohol and drug treatment program.


Columbus Dispatch Omits Key Facts On Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

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"To fund the costs of the program, (Idaho) would need to either appropriate additional funding for a drug-testing program, or divert funds from current programs for the screening, testing and treatment activities. … In addition, mandatory drug …
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Full transcript: Luke O'Connor

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We're going to talk about public policy in this area, but can we start, please Luke, with an overview of the perhaps distorted presentation or characterisation of drug – and indeed alcohol – users in our community? Luke O'Connor: Absolutely. In the …
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