Narconon Riverbend Graduate: “I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been Happier…”


Narconon Riverbend Graduate: “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier…” – The amazing, personal story of an ex-heroin addict and how Narconon Riverbend’s long term drug rehabilitation program changed his life.


Preventing an epidemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis in India. By DR

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However, unlike most common infectious diseases that require a few days of antibiotic treatment, TB requires several antibiotics and long-term treatment for cure. Persons with TB must take at least 6 months of medications without interrupting them …
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Young adults seeking drug addiction treatment hits record low

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… and alcohol treatment budgets to local authorities offered potential for improved links with housing and employment services. But he admitted that “squeezed” councils could “disinvest” in support services that “support drug misusers' long-term …


Top former Dominican anti-drug official arrested on drug charges

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Each Kilo cost about $ 150 to produce $ 7 k to transport and sells for about $ 35K each. Only two solutions to the problem, criminalise comsuption and send consumers to long term rehab facilities or de-crimenalize drug, regulate them and figure out a way …
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