(: Eating Disorders?

Question by Hai: (: eating disorders?
so im doing a speech on eating disorders but i need some statistics like ” 1 out of every four teenage girl/boy will be influenced by an eating disorder”

something like that, i need statistics for Girls/Women & Boys/Men

Help please?
any other little facts about eating disorders would help greatly also.

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Answer by Sparkles
Look on google.com

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Body Image, Nutrition, and Eating Disorders: Insights from Neuroscience and Psychiatry – Sarah Leibowitz, Evelyn Attia, The Rockefeller University: Parents are understandably concerned by reports on childhood obesity and warnings about anorexia and other eating disorders. At the fall 2010 Parents & Science program, Rockefeller’s SARAH LEIBOWITZ, and influential behavioral neurobiologist, and Columbia University’s EVELYN ATTIA, a leading medical expert on eating disorders, drew on the latest laboratory and clinical studies to provide a clearer understanding of health conditions associated with eating behavior.


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