My Eating Disorder?

Question by Miss Brittany Black: My Eating Disorder?
I am bulimic and I want to stop. The problem with me is I model and I’m doing soo well that if I stop, I might not do as well. The skinny the model, the more money they make. TRUST me, I know, its true. Most of the projects and ads I do they pick me and the other skinnest girls, and bigger girls don’t get anything. I want to stop, but I don’t want it to mke my career stop. I already exercise 2 hours a day but its not enough. Im just 116 and I could lose 6 more pounds. Help!
1. I don’t care about guys- I have a man that loves my beautiful bones

2. I am NOT quiting modeling!
And P.S. I’m still in school and I’m a pretty darn good student.



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Answer by David K
Speaking with your doctor can make your life get back on the right track again. It’s better to get it treated now then waiting and leaving the treatment longer.

Answer by Courtney
Stop!!!!!!! U could be really hurting your self is it really worth geting the photo spread if your killing your self Get help!!
and good luck

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