Question by Psychology Young Lady: alcohol/Rehab/public/free?
I am looking for a rehab facility in my city(Miami), but I don’t have money to pay. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a free rehab or public?

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Answer by Megan
As far as I’m aware of, rehab facilities aren’t free however depending on your medical insurance company, they may cover a certain percentage of it. If you have medical insurance, you can call them up and see what facilities they would cover treatment for, if any at all. If all else fails, you can try AA meetings in your area. Good luck!

Answer by Elizabeth
As Megan said, if you are insured you should be able to get coverage for detox and treatment.
If you don’t have Medicaid or private insurance there are options:
Unless there have been drastic changes in the availability of federal and state funds for indigent substance abuse treatment, you should find a number of programs and facilities that will admit you.
There is federal health care funding for every state that pays for the uninsured to get addiction treatment–from detox to 28 day programs and longer. Also you may qualify for halfway-housing assistance following your successful completion of a treatment program.
Some programs are 28 day residential, others are extended outpatient treatment (anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.
I wish you well. I’ve been through it too.

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