My Body Will Not Stop Binge Eating


My Body will Not Stop Binge Eating – Do you struggle with binge eating and find that no matter how hard you try you just cannot stop binge eating? The problem usually stems from dieting, calorie counting and weight obsession. These are the main culprits that cause binge eating disorders and why you are not able to stop binge eating and achieve the full recovery that you want. In this video I also explain what real life binge eating recovery looks like and why it is crucial to be patient and to not give up on your binge eating disorder recovery. For a comprehensive Online Program on how to recovery from binge eating and achieve full eating disorder recovery, visit:


Drunkorexia disorder associated with binge drinking

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Drunkorexia, an eating disorder paired with alcohol use, has been affecting college students for years, and has recently stirred up more concerns. The term is used to define the practice of starving oneself during the day in order to drink during …
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Researchers look at how brain may affect eating disorders

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“With eating disorders the thought is that restricted eating causes a dopamine release. People like that feeling and crave more of it,” says Derenne. “Dopamine may also be released when people binge-purge. Alternately, it may be that people with …
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House of Cards Watch: I Ate the Whole Thing

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So I finally finished, not so much in a binge as in a week of heavy eating. Not knowing when you all will finish, I'm going to forego a second, full review and instead just post some bulleted, general thoughts below. Read them now, or bookmark this …
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