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Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment – Nishan Foundation is registered with Government of Pakistan and is a leading state-of-the-art in drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation services. Our belief is, with an attitude of humility we are better able to develop inward serenity. Nishan Foundation’s subsidiary named Nishan Center deals as a drug addiction and attitudinal healing facility. Our vision is to create a relaxed, compassionate environment where teens and adults from diverse backgrounds and all socio-economic standings can feel safe, supported and strong in dealing with challenging life issues. Nishan Foundation focuses on providing the most effective, evidence-based treatment, exceeding expectations by paying close attention to key therapeutic principles.


US federal prison population soars

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The report lists various possibilities including building more prisons, investing more in rehabilitation programs, reducing mandatory minimum sentences, putting more offenders on probation, giving federal prisoners the option of parole and increasing …
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Corrections order for Golden Square thief

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Magistrate Jennifer Tregent said the time served in custody had helped Flower understand the seriousness of the offences. He was placed on 18-month community corrections order and must attend regular drug and alcohol rehabilitation sessions.
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Pamela Bean: Raise alcohol tax to fund effective treatment

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Less than a handful of Wisconsin legislators are fighting for an increase in the alcohol tax. We are housing repeat offenders in prisons at an average of $ 90 per day each and offering almost no options for rehabilitation inside or outside of prison. We …
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