Mental Health Scare: Depression Concerns?

Question by : Mental health scare: Depression concerns?
My mood has been very low int the past year, and I’ve also noticed that I’m very tired and have lost interest in the things I used to enjoy. I’ve been experiencing occasional joint pain, and it’s embarrassing to admit, but I also don’t have a lot of friends, and have become increasingly withdrawn in recent months. My self-esteem is also eviscerated. I’ve put these things down to physical health problems, and have undergone tests for food allergies including Celiac’s Diseases, as well as other autoimmune diseases, which run in my family. These tests came back negative, however, one screening showed that I have very low vitamin D levels, which I understand to be associated with depression. My doctor’s put me on vitamin D supplements. I have not disclosed with him anything about my sad moods, out of fear. I’m scared that if I’m put on anti-depressants they’ll make me put on weight, and I already feel ugly as it is!

After a few months of taking the Vitamin D supplements, will my “depression” symptoms decrease? After reading research articles about the relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and depression, I’m pretty certain that I have dysthymia. Should I pursue this with my doctor, or will the supplements take care of it?

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This is strongly dependent upon you. You need to see if the vitamin D supplements are enough to help with what you’re feeling. If you find that you’re feeling the same, or worse, then you should probably pursue this further — and disclose to your doctor every detail.

Personally, I don’t know too many people with clinical depression of any kind to have a huge amount of success with vitamin D alone. (Neither have I with any of my depressive feelings, though I don’t have depression itself. Long story.) Generally, you need to do things like aerobic exercise, maintain a good diet, change attitudes and behaviors, etc. You may also benefit from therapy of some kind.

I wouldn’t worry too much about gaining weight on antidepressants. While people experience various side effects of different antidepressants, you really won’t know unless you try. You can always switch medications, too.

Of course, assuming the meds work, and you change some attitudes, behaviors, and thought patterns, then your weight worries and self-esteem worries will be helped, too. Exercise and eating right also help, both in terms of your brain itself, and the fact that you are maintaining a healthy body.

Please, get the help you need.

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