Master Social Work and Educating the Public Re: Health Issues?

Question by Faith,Hope,Love: Master Social Work and educating the public re: health issues?
I was accepted into a MSW program. There are many areas of social work that interest me: public health SW, mental health counseling, EAP counseling, and teaching SW at the post secondary level. I would also like to educate the public about various mental health topics – including stress management, compulsive eating, sleep disorders, pain management, and overcoming anxiety and depression. What kinds of settings and/or positions would allow me to educate the public about healthcare/mental health issues? Also, I prefer not to work with the severely mentally ill – I would prefer to work with people who are more stable – what settings would you recommend? Once I become more experienced, I would also like to have my own clinical social work practice. What’s the best way to get started? I would like to teach social work at the college level; would I be able to do that with a Masters? SW is a very varied field; how can I learn about all the opportunies available? (Is there a good book, etc.)

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Answer by Dr_Adventure
You might pick up “Days in the Lives of Social Workers” tells the story of 50+ social workers. Gives a good broad understanding of the profession.

You will probably be more successful working with the population you describe from a public health model – as you appear to be addressing more of the “prevention” side of the work.

As for clinical practice – the key will be to be engaged in “clinical work” and to received supervision from a licensed MSW.

You already appear to know more about social work than most. Your education will really help you answer most of your questions.



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