How Can I Stop Running Away From My Problems? I Mean.. Why Do I Do It, and How Do I Stop?

Question by Ivory: How can I stop running away from my problems? I mean.. why do I do it, and how do I stop?
I postpone it until the very very last minute because the thought of doing it makes me nervous and depressed.
So I don’t do it and make the problem worse. I deliberately hijack my own success.
I am intelligent, but got bad grades in school. Undiagnosed ADD. I am almost done with college.
I am a month and a half behind in classes.

Please, someone help. How can I stop doing this? I am ruining my life.

Best answer:

Answer by New
You are procrastinating. Since you are in college, please see one of the counselors [they are free at the college] so that they can help you manage your time and help you to learn some relaxation techniques.

Answer by alicialions
You aren’t the first person to do that…most of us do that in different areas of our lives in one way or another. The thought of doing your homework does not make you nervous and depressed…that is a choice you make to feel that way. What you have to do is realize that you are in charge of your lfie…everything you do is because you have chosen to do it. Everything you feel or think is becuase you chose to feel or think it. Decide to change what you are doing and do it. To decide means to cut off all other posabilities. So what that means is you don’t decide to try and do it…you decide to do it…thats it!

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