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Malibu Horizon – Malibu Horizon is the leading California drug rehab treatment center. Unlike other drug rehab treatment centers in California, Malibu Horizon is the leading drug rehab treatment center in because they treat each person as a unique individual. They specialize in depression and anxiety which often co-occur with drug addiction and/or alcoholism


Dome: Fuquay-Varina man earns Presidential Medal

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Military Missions provides home modification, rehabilitation and family assistance. Since 2008, it has completed more … Pat McCrory has made two more appointments to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. He named Greensboro real estate …
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Horrific crime … Jon Venables Photo: Getty Images

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12 in Yorkshire – "the judge quite rightly took the view that the boys shouldn't be named because it would mitigate against their chances of rehabilitation." She mentions the case of Silje Redergard, a five-year-old girl who was beaten and left to …
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Oshkosh Man Back In Court On Drunk Driving Homicide Charge

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Doemel's blood alcohol level was reportedly more than 3 ½ times the legal limit (.285). He's being held on a $ 50,000 cash bond. In addition to today's hearing he has a preliminary hearing on … He was upset with a rehabilitation counselor he was …
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