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A new debate on decriminalization in the UK

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At the moment, businesses are legally able to sell these products until such time as they are banned with apparently no legal consequences when they lead to death or long-term illness. We recommend that the Government issue guidance … with the best …
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Dr. Kate Naumes On The Benefits of Naturopathic Care

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Naturopathic medicine (referring to NDs from accredited medical schools) may reduce the need for expensive conventional care by promoting health and decreasing the need for medical interventions over the long term. Naturopathic doctors are primary care …
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Child's Leukemia Cured By Her Own Re-Engineered Immune Cells

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85% of children with ALL, the most common childhood cancer, are cured after two years of treatment with standard chemotherapy. But there is a 15% minority that … After administering a drug to counteract the protein, Emily's condition improved …
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