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Eating Disorder Recovery, through art and creativity.m4v – Recovery from eating disorders can be extremely difficult, fraught with relapse, disappointment, ups and downs. Creativity and art can be helpful in the process of recovery. An introduction to my journey of recovering from eating disorders through creative means. Reach out for help, no one deserves to suffer alone, there is hope and solution for overcoming eating disorders.


How Taking A Bath In Public Made Me More Confident

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I couldn't help but let out a huge sigh of relief (and laugh), realizing that my biggest opponent in overcoming body image issues was me… and I had given her one hell of a fight worth winning. … gain</a> in September 2012, Gaga hit back at critics …
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Kelly Clarkson Denies Anorexia Rumor, Slams British Tabloid

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Clarkson said the paper made her sound "obnoxious" and "arrogant," and denies that she has–or ever had–an eating disorder. "I have never had anorexia nor did I ever say 'no one should be as famous as me.' I said in the interview, when asked about …
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Did Kate Middleton nurse really leave a suicide note? Mystery deepens….

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… the story currently not making the rounds is the fact that Kate Middleton may be dealing with a more dicey situation correlated to her giving birth, otherwise known as eating disorder which is a story that is hardly getting any airplay from the …
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Morrissey Blames Nurse Suicide On 'Shameless' Layabout Princess Kate

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But blaming two DJs for the nurse's death seemed too convenient to the moody singer, who last March wore a “We Hate William and Kate” T-shirt in concert. He mused aloud whether Kate was really suffering from morning sickness — or an eating disorder.
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