Long Term Drug Rehab

Long Term Drug Rehab
Long Term Drug Rehab – 90 second Burning Tree Promo Video.



A History of Lindsay in Rehab
She entered rehab for the third time in August, checking into Utah's Cirque Lodge Treatment Center for a three-month stay. On Aug. 23, her lawyer negotiated a plea deal … her publicist at the time. Rehab Stint #6. But Lohan didn't stay out of trouble … Read more on Daily Beast

Avanir Pharmaceuticals to Promote Merck's Diabetes Drug Januvia in Long
Under the accord, Avanir institutional sales force will begin promoting the sitagliptin family of products to health- care practitioners in the long-term care institutional setting in October. Avanir Chief Commercial Officer Rohan Palekar said "Our … Read more on NASDAQ

VCU to lead major study of concussions
“Since these wars (in Iraq and Afghanistan) began and since the (National Football League) has started to realize that maybe getting hundreds and thousands of these small brain injuries, what we call concussions, may actually cause long-term difficulty … Read more on Richmond Times Dispatch