For Chronic Depression, an Unlikely Balm

For chronic depression, an unlikely balm
But earlier this month, Depression Recovery Centers opened to treat people who have chronic depression with the drug, one of about eight clinics nationwide that focus on ketamine treatment for depression, according to clinic officials. Founder Gerald … Read more on

Family Relationships: Postpartum depression impacts everyone
Talk to your spouse, family and friends about your feelings and ask for their help and support. Try not to isolate yourself as this could lead to your depression becoming more severe. Keep in mind that if your depression begins to hinder you to the … Read more on Savannah Morning News

Exercise helps depressed heart patients
It's already known that exercise can help with both depression and heart problems. A new study from researchers at Duke University Medical Center now shows that patients with heart disease and depression can benefit from exercise. The study followed … Read more on Telemanagement

Too Depressed to Get Help
You may feel too depressed to do anything, but Expert Depression Patient and author, Julie Fast, says there are things you can do to help yo…