Lindsay Lohan's Sober Coach Just Might Live With Her in SoHo

Lindsay Lohan's Sober Coach Just Might Live With Her In SoHo
Since canceling her one-way trip to Europe, Lohan has been continuing her treatment, while staying with her "sometimes roommate" Patty Uribe, paying a measly $ 8,000-a-month in rent. Get ready for more LiLo sightings, New Yorkers. Also on HuffPost:. Read more on Huffington Post

Conn. again proposes new center for troubled girls
The 10- to 12-bed facility would provide residential treatment for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 for up to six months. Girls are now in detention centers for legal run-ins such as fights or shoplifting or are in private residential programs. Many … Read more on Bellingham Herald

The TSA, now in more than just airports
Khaliah Barnes, administrative law counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, refutes the notion that the VIPR teams are totally innocuous because of the amount of power they wield without true checks and balances. “The problem with T.S.A. … Read more on Daily Caller

Whole Recovery Center, Costa Rica Drug Rehab
Whole Recovery Center in Costa Rica offers holistic drug rehab treatment at affordable prices. We are unlike any other drug rehab center. Come join us for an…