Is Schizophrenia a Disease You’re Born With or Can You Develop It Throughout Your Life?

Question by Meghan: Is schizophrenia a disease you’re born with or can you develop it throughout your life?

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Answer by jkeen
I feel that it is something that you are born with,it may not actually form until you are older but think that it is buried inside a persons mind. I think that there can be incounters that could make this disease surface. Trama and differant situations can bring out many diseases that we never knew we had tucked away.

Answer by micro
Genetic factors
Genetic factors (things that run in families) make a person more likely to develop schizophrenia. In the whole population the risk of getting schizophrenia is about one in a hundred (99% of people do not get it). If someone in the family has schizophrenia, the risk of getting it is higher. If a parent has schizophrenia, the children have a risk of about 10% of getting it (about 90% do not). It seems that many changes within the genes are needed to be at risk of getting schizophrenia. It is not a simple inheritance pattern like colour blindness or the colour of the eyes.
However , there are other factors such as biochemical factors and stress.

Most people who have schizophrenia have their first episode of illness when they are adolescents or young adults. It can start later in life, but this is unusual. The most common age for the first illness is 15 to 25 in males and 25 to 35 in women.
The illness can come on suddenly, but often before people have their first episode of illness, changes in their behaviour will have been noticed, such as irritability, depression, isolation (loss of friendships), not managing study or work well. Many young people have behaviour like this, and do not get ill, but if this behaviour happens much of the time, and gets worse rather than better it should be more of a concern.
The onset of illness can be triggered by use of drugs such as marijuana or LSD. Sometimes the illness can be hidden because drugs are thought to be the cause of the unusual behaviour.


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