Is Medication Honestly the Best Cure for Anxiety and Depression?

Question by . .: Is medication honestly the best cure for anxiety and depression?
Im scared to take medication for my problem. Please serious answers only
@Karen: Ive gone through that route with Xanax and had even worse panic attacks and i also thought i was going crazy..

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Answer by Joseph the Second
No. Counseling AND Dealing with your Problems is the Best Way. Medication only modifies the Symptoms… 🙁

Answer by miseinen04
If your depression or anxiety is too severe to solve by talking with a psychologist, then medicine may be needed to help. If symptoms are severe, medicine is usually recommended. Don’t be scared of taking medication but do be careful. Different people will react differently to medicine. If you experience side effects, tell the doctor immediately, because they might have to change your prescription. There isn’t really a best cure or one that’s the worst. What’s most important is that it is treated. Good luck.

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