How to Prove Counselor I Don’t Have Eating Disorder?

Question by : how to prove counselor i don’t have eating disorder?
all my life family, strangers and doctors have suspected me of being anorexic
i’m very thin (around 85 pounds and college freshman) but i never ever think about my weight,
when i do, i think of how to gain it.
it is a great frustration to be categorized with people who starve themselves
and to have to prove that i don’t have this disorder.
It offends me so much that my counselor doesn’t seem to believe me.
when he questioned me about it i got irritated and he said that usually people with eating disorders get irritated when others ask about it. what. the. hell.
I AM FURIOUS!!!:( why i can’t gain weight is just as much of a mystery to me as it is to him! how can i convince him of the TRUTH that i don’t have an eating disorder?? what good points can i make?

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Answer by joanna_reinhart
Your counselor is extremely stupid for assuming you have an eating disorder just because you’re skinny.
Tell him to go back to college & learn what an eating disorder actually is.

Answer by Samantha
How about you just eat more? Problem solved.

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