Is It the Doctors or Patients Fault That the Patient Got Addicted to Narcotic Prescription Drugs?

Question by Reddevil: Is it the Doctors or patients fault that the patient got addicted to narcotic prescription drugs?
I believe it is 90 percent the patients fault because no one forced them to take and they were weak minded about the pain

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Answer by pisces_pirate7
It is partially the patients fault for letting the drug control them like that. However, the doctor is to blame for continuing their addiction if they keep supplying high amounts of medication and writing perscriptions often and not doing anything about it.

Answer by Andel
it’s the doctors’ fault if they’re prescribing addictive medication and not monitoring their patients’ reactions to it.

if a doctor keeps prescribing a drug with the side effect of destroying the liver, then the doctor should keep monitoring the patient’s liver to make sure the damage is not occurring. he knows what tests have to be done. he should perform them.

if he’s prescribing an addictive drug, then he should monitor the patient’s use of it and watch for the side effects or symptoms of addiction.


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