Intro My Bpd Symtoms(part 2)


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Cops even taking muskets
Followings his appointment with the psychiatrist, the therapist contacted the police to tell them Lovi had made a threat against the doctor who made the first diagnosis. However, she went on to tell them she did not consider him to be a threat, … If … Read more on

New Anxiety App Aims to Help
Anxiety disorders can be debilitating. For people who … Based on a user's responses, the app suggests therapeutic exercises. Users select situations, such as talking to authority figures or being observed while eating, that make them anxious. Each … Read more on Valley News

Inside a teenage mental health unit: 'Rats used to tell me to hurt myself
“We don't want to keep people in hospital any longer than is necessary,” says Vicky Ray, the unit's occupational therapist. Some only need to stay for 4-6 weeks but for others, particularly those with an eating disorder or psychosis, a stay of six … Read more on