I’m 14 and My Mom and Probation Officer Are Trying to Send Me to an “Eating Disorder Facility” for a Month..

Question by carolineee<3: I’m 14 and my mom and probation officer are trying to send me to an “eating disorder facility” for a month..
Is there anything i can do to get out of this.?

Please help.

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Answer by koolaid
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When Eating Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

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“If food is interfering with other parts of your life or causing anxiety, it's a problem,” says Emily Slager, LMHC, assistant program director at Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, Massachusetts, one of the nation's leading eating-disorder centers …
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Number of children hospitalized with eating disorders on the rise

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Hospital officials in the Indianapolis area said there are a variety of resources available, and there are some groups of doctors that specifically deal with this issue like those working at the Charis Center for Eating Disorders. Copyright © 2012 …
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Could Vegetarianism be Hiding an Eating Disorder?

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While following a meat-free diet can be chosen for health, dietary and moral reasons, vegetarianism can also be used to hide an eating disorder. In new research, published in the Journal of Academy of Nutritionists and Dietetics, it was found that 52 …
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