Eating Disorders: Little-Known Facts


Eating Disorders: Little-Known Facts – Some things I’ve learnt which not enough people know about – so I’m spreading the word! (Re-uploaded with longer on each slide so you’ve got a chance to read it…!)


Not-So-Expert Lupus Treatment

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The amount and type of treatment you get may depend on their ability to communicate with one another. Lupus patients … While your family doctor can provide some help, a rheumatologist can guide you through the specifics of lupus treatment. But are …
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New Study Claims Link Between Vegetarianism and Eating Disorders

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Although the authors press that the “results shed light on the vegetarian-eating disorders relation and suggest intervention considerations for clinicians,” the study in fact indicates that some people who have a history of eating disorders have …
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IU researchers interview pro-anorexic bloggers for groundbreaking new study

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20, 2012. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A groundbreaking new research study from Indiana University suggests there may be benefits to the controversial activities of "pro-ana" bloggers, the online community for people with eating disorders. … Most of the 33 …
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