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Workplace Burnout Affects Your Health, Here's how Avoid It
It also can negatively affect your relationships with loved ones and friends, and increase your risk of depression.” With the job market still … “Try to identify what might be behind [the burnout] and seek to remedy the situation through small steps … Read more on Fox Business

Sand 'mining' eyed as Plum Island remedy
The engineer, who lives in Newburyport, said that the size of a depression would not be big enough to bury a battleship, as has been suggested. But heavy equipment will be involved. Authors of the proposal say that bulldozers and bucket loaders would … Read more on Gloucester Daily Times

Antidepressant use in pregnancy may not affect baby's growth – KTBC Channel 7
"Most women want to know about the effect of their depressive illness or the medication they take during pregnancy not only on the infant at birth, but also on the baby's longer-term growth and development," lead author Dr. Katherine Wisner said in a … Read more on MyFox Austin