I Need an Opinion on Something Serious?

Question by Rin: I need an opinion on something serious?
I’m a sophmore in high school and i was caught by my parents buying pot. I have execptional grades (all b’s and a’s) and i’m on on honor roll in my school. Also i am a varsity xc runner. This has been the third time my parents have caught me. The first time they found it in my laundry at the start of freshman year about a week into starting to smoke. The second time 11 months later in the middle of August. Both times they have grounded me for a month (no phone, fb, hanging out with friends etc.)

Now my for my third offense my parents are sending me to a rehab center. It’s not a full on program where i am taken out of school and sent away. But it’s after school about 3-4 times a week for 2 hours. Now on top of this they are making me pay for this whole program. The reason they put me in this is because within the week i was ungrounded i was caught once again and they have concluded that i have an addiction to pot.

On top of putting me through a “substance abuse rehabilitation program” they are transferring me out of my highly ranked public school to put me in a Catholic school.

My argument to them is that i smoke pot once or twice a week which is maybe a bit over average but nothing extreme. And they know that. I also told them that it is not effecting my grades because freshmen year i had a 3.5 GPA, which isn’t outstanding but I think it is very good. I also show my parents respect, love them and spend time with them.

I would like to hear an opinion on my punishment.

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Answer by Lee Bigwok
Dude I’m sorry but your parents have the leash on this one. I think that sucks for sure but you might have to wait until you’re eighteen. You’d have to play in the grey area to convince your parents.

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