I Have Depression, Need Someone to Talk to Online, Need Help Got No Friends?

Question by Alex: I have depression, Need someone to talk to online, need help got no friends?
my parents dont understand what im going through, ive been depressed for last two years, i need somebody to talk, confide in about my problems. please if you can help leave your email here or contact me through my profile.

I can not talk to hotlines because i live in a place where there are no hotlines. People here are so selfish and psychiatrists are super expensive.

Im looking for someone mature that i could talk to that could advise me, perhaps as an online friend.
i can not see a therapist either if you think that they cost cheaper.

Best answer:

Answer by MeganB
I would suggest finding a mental health professional in your area, for example a counselor or therapist. Seeing a therapist is usually much cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist and the therapist would be able to work with both you and your family.

Answer by Sabrina
You can email me . [email protected]

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