Getting to the Root of Eating Disorders

Getting to the Root of Eating Disorders
Preliminary studies testing a new technique called deep brain stimulation, used successfully to treat people with Parkinson's disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder, have suggested that this also may be effective in treating eating disorders. "Seek … Read more on dailyRx

Holidays Pose Challenges For People With Eating Disorders
For most people, Thanksgiving is all about food and eating, but it's no holiday for those who suffer from eating disorders. Brittany Findlan plans to get her doctorate in counseling one day, but the 25-year-old has had a lot of experience sitting in … Read more on NBC Chicago

Social media trend called Thinspo causing eating disorders
An eating disorder is something that's usually kept behind closed doors. Teens don't want their parents to know, and young adults often feel ashamed. But a new trend is opening the eyes of doctors and revealing the world of eating disorders many didn't … Read more on KOKH FOX25