I Have a Secretive Eating Disorder and No One Knows, Help???

Question by Elizabeth Wang: I have a secretive eating disorder and no one knows, help???
name: Elizabeth
age: 16 (turning 17 in September)

The last thing I ate since last week was one quarter of a carrot, 2 full glass of water.
NO ONE knows I have an eating disorder and I’m afraid to tell my parents because (If I know them) they will lecture me and yell at me and possibly hit me. 🙁
I wouldn’t tell my friends because they’d probably write on Yahoo! Answers: MY FRIEND HAS A EATING DISORDER, HELP?!?!?!” or something to expose that I have an eating disorder.
I wouldn’t tell a therapist or anyone because:
a. they’d notify my parents
b. I don’t think i have a local therapist
c. they cost a lot of money and I only have $ 4 in my purse.

Also, I’m afraid to go to the kitchen because the hunger temptation is kicking in and if I grab a Luna bar from the cabinet, I have this sick feeling in my stomach and I rush to the bathroom.

I’ve been going throw this since the last day of school.

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Answer by wink_cassy
hun you need to get help. this is somthing not to play around with trust me. I struggle with one. Can you just talk to your mom alone about it and let her know you are scared. how long has this been going on? hun you having to be feeling pretty bad side effect if that is all you drinken and eaten since last week. you are porbly dehyraded and dizzy. you need to get help hun. go to ur friends parents or somthing. if you go to a therpasit or something, they cant call your parents. ( at lest where i live over the age of 15 u can make ur own rights.) please hun get help. you are wroth it and you should be going though this alone. please try talking to someone. we can give adive but we cant phyical be there with you as like your family and friends. is there someone else in the family you trust that can try to help you?

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