I Have a Good Female Friend “Bipolar” and I Want to Find Her a Support Group We Can Attend in Dallas?

Question by number1pic: I have a good female friend “Bipolar” and i want to find her a support group we can attend in dallas?
My friend have met really good guys and were afraid to tell them about her bipolar disorder. How can she get over this? HELP!

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Answer by Ed
The national Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) has over a thousand groups across the country. All of them are member-run, operating on good old sweat-of-your-forehead volunteer power.

So, you can go to this webpage of theirs:

There, below the picture of the crossed hands in that first box, titled “In-person Support Groups,”
click on “Find a group near you.”

Read the brief proper-use agreement statement.
Check the box that you agree with it.
Then click the “Continue…” bar.

Click on “Texas” and scroll down to the 3+ Dallas group contacts.


If it’s a weekday, call the DBSA office in Chicago at 1-800-826-3632, and ask for the group info (No, don’t do that. But consider calling with any question you have.).


Just go direcly to the Dallas DBSA groups’ website!
(Yes, this indeed, I do believe, is your best option.)

You should both be able to both attend, since most DBSA meetings are open to family and FRIENDS.

‘Tis good your friend has a good friend like you!

Be well.


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