I Have a Drug Problem and Need to Find a Rehab That Offers Free Help or Financial Support, Please Help.?

Question by Candy S: I have a drug problem and need to find a rehab that offers free help or financial support, please help.?
I have been addicted to prescription painkillers since I was 17 years old. I am now 24. I can’t afford those expensive rehabilitation centers but I am absolutely desperate for help. I can’t quit on my own and my addiction is controlling my life. I want to get my life back on track so if anyone knows of any place (preferably in Kentucky or close by) that offers a program that lasts at least a couple of months and financial support or small payments please let me know. You don’t know how much it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by Iggy Schnauzers Demon Arabians
Contact your doctor, they will be discrete and will refer you to a good one.

good luck and god bless……

Answer by FrenchCanuck
your boyfriend Aaron can’t support you ? just curious… also, codeine and morphine can constipate quite a lot, how can you live like this… ?

not really an answer sorry..

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