Cheap Eating Disorder and Cutting Treatment?

Question by : Cheap Eating Disorder and Cutting Treatment?
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I am anorexic and bulimic and I cut myself more and worse when I begin to try to eat than I do when I am sticking to not eating and purging the small amounts I do eat. I am looking for help that is cheap, and if possible covered by most insurance policies. I am a 13 year old girl, and nobody knows about my cutting or eating disorders. If I tell my guidance counselour they are going to put me in foster care.

My dad is going to be in prison until I’m 30. My brother has done some bad things and is going to be going to jail also. My sister is autistic. My other sister wants me to be perfect and is beautiful and had an eating disorder. My mom just wants to have a perfect kid. I am really depressed and suicidal, but not to the point of commiting it, just thinking about it. We are every tight on cash and we can’t really afford to get me any treatment.

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Answer by Alice
Hi Hun, Call An Eating Disorder Hotline 800 931-2237, They Can Talk With U & Refer U Somewhere If U’d Like.
& The Suicide Hotline:1-800-273-TALK (8255) Its Confidential & U Can Ask About Counseling Available To U In Your Area. U Can Call These # Anytime & Its Free.

Hun, Ur Under A Lot Of Stress But Dont Take It Out On Urself 🙁 Everything Thats Going On Is In NO Way Ur Fault. Please Dont Cut Urself Anymore, There Are Other Positive Ways To Express Urself, Try Art, Dancing, Writing, Scream Into A Pillow If U Want, Exercise (But U Have To Eat) Anything That Brings A Smile To Ur Face. Ur Body Is A Temple & We’re Only Given One.
Please Eat, Even Just A Little, Cus Not Eating Is Jus Depriving Ur Body What It Needs To Function. U Can Exorcise And Be Healthier Than Ever!
Talk To Ur Mom, Even If Its Not About The Cutting Or Ana, But Tell Her Your Stressed.
Ur Strong & Will Get Through EVERYTHING Even Stronger!
*Best Wishes* E-mail Me If U Need Any Support Hun <3

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