I Had a Back Operation and in a Rehab and in Diapers?

Question by Ed H: I had a back operation and in a rehab and in Diapers?
I had a back operation and in a rehab and in Diapers?
I was in the hospital for 4 weeks after a lower back operation . I used a bed pan or a bottle for bathroom functions . When I was taken to a nursing center for a rehab the first day I wet the bed two times. That night when I was being put back in bed Two Health workers came in my room closed the door and put me in Diapers with baby powder. I told them I did not want this However they said I must as how many time can they keep cleaning up. I gave them a problems over night and one Nurse came in and said my tv has been disconcted for a Day, Anyway I was in diapers for a full week,

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Answer by Sue B
What is your question dear?

I understand where your coming from on being treated like crap in a hospital or other facility. So many who work in this field, shouldn’t! They have hearts of STONE.

Well, at least you didn’t sit there and lay in wetness.

Answer by littlejaina
This is a fake question. What you are doing is wrong. It is wrong to drag unsuspecting people into your fettish fantasies!

One of your earlier questions is “I am a Man who Loves to be in Diapers?
I am not Gay but love to be told what to do By women and dressed in diapers. I love a women who can boss me around and have a say in every thing I do. Every one will know I an Her baby boy. Is this normal?” Now suddenly you expect people to believe this stupid story?

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